The Fellowship of Life
a Christian-based vegetarian group founded in 1973


A Message from the Bishop of Norwich

'I am honoured to have been asked to be a Patron of a Society which has as its main objective the promotion of the welfare of all animals. The threats to animal welfare are well-known to the readers of "The Living World", and these threats must be resisted if a fruitful relationship is to be established between man and his environment.

We speak of human rights. I think we should also speak of animal rights and natural rights, but there must be some radical re-orientation in current attitudes and thinking before these rights are recognised and respected.

For my own part I believe the Christian faith provides the key and the moral incentives which are needed but however few or many of your readers may agree with me in this, I am glad to be associated with those who have the welfare of animals at heart.'

Launcelot Fleming

Bishop of Norwich

From: The Living World Vol.1, no.2 (1970) - journal of the Crusade Against All Cruelty to Animals.

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