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Christians Debate Animal Welfare

From the March/April 1986 edition of Outrage! with thanks to Animal Aid:

The Christian Consultative Council for the Welfare of Animals held a debate at Westminster at the end of January. 240 people packed out the hall.

The first speaker was the Reverend Edward Carpenter who stated that 'many Christians are becoming concerned and active as cruelty is seen to be becoming institutionalised'.

Ruth Harrison spoke about factory farming, arguing that 'we have permitted technology to win over our moral conscience'.

The Bishop of Salisbury spoke with great compassion and quoted Genesis which speaks of a golden age when man lived in harmony with all creation. He saw this as a vision to be worked towards for the future.

Lord Soper made specific reference to the fur trade, calling it a 'dirty capitalist business'. He hoped that the Royal family would stop wearing furs.

Richard Ryder stressed the inadequacies of the new legislation on vivisection. He criticised Lord Houghton and Clive Hollands for their support of the Bill, which, he claimed, had led to a number of people resigning from the Committee for the Reform of Animal Experimentation, including himself. He emphasised that the new Bill is 'empty of prohibitions'.

Clive Hollands met with some criticism from the audience for stating that his world was the world of politics. He believed that the animal rights movement had been unrealistic in the past and repeated his oft quoted support for the new legislation.

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