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Bishop urges animal rights code

The time was right for a charter to protect animals from cruelty and abuse, urged Bishop Agnellus Andrew, president of the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare, at the weekend.

"Great cruelties are inflicted on animals - sometimes in an organised way for economic reasons, sometimes almost heedlessly and without care," said the Bishop.

He was speaking at Westminster Cathedral at a Mass which was celebrated as part of the annual World Day of Prayer for Animals.

The Bishop asked: "Has perhaps the time come to work for a charter for the defence and protection of the animal world? There are many problems to be faced. I need hardly tell you of the wide range of problems - vivisection, often under cruel conditions, cruel experiments for scientific or even cosmetic purposes and some practices concerning performing animals."

Similar services were held at Westminster Abbey and Worcester Cathedral as part of World Day of Prayer for Animals which is held on the Sunday nearest the traditional Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, October 4.

At the Westminster Abbey service, Clive Hollands, Secretary of the St Andrew Animal Fund, spoke of the "pitiless and greedy exploitation of animals for food, clothing, sport, pleasure and knowledge."

The main speaker at Worcester Cathedral was Lord Houghton, chairman of the committee for the Reform of Animal Experimentation.

This weekend the Christian Ecology Group holds its third annual conference and among those attending will be Fr Basil Wrighton of the Animal Welfare study circle, and the Anglican chaplain of the University of Essex, Rev Andrew Linzey.

From The Universe dated Friday, October 12, 1984

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