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Cruelty-free Christmas march in Norwich (1982)

From the January/February 1983 edition of Outrage! with thanks to Animal Aid: 

"On Saturday 27 November supporters of Animal Aid and of Compassion in World Farming joined together in a march to launch the campaign to promote a cruelty-free Christmas. Norwich was chosen as the venue, being the home of the turkey - the creature most abused and exploited at Christmas time.

More than 600 marchers from all parts of the country assembled in Chapelfields just outside the old city walls. They walked the three miles through the busy city centre to the Cathedral area, with banners depicting the cruelty involved in modern factory farming methods of meat and egg production. Reports had already been circulated of allegations made by some workers at Bernard Matthews turkey farm that they were so pressed to increase their company's production that some of the birds missed the stunner and so went fully conscious to the razor which slit their throats; and sometimes because the throat-cutters could not keep up the speed, birds went into the boiling water alive and conscious and were then literally boiled alive.

City shoppers were handed a leaflet which included a vegetarian Christmas recipe to help them to bring peace and goodwill to all beings during the festive season."

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