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Dean denounces factory farming  

A large congregation at the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool, heard the guest preacher, the Rt. Rev. Lancelot Fleming, Dean of Windsor, condemn intensive farming practices. At a service of dedication, on 30 April, for all those concerned with the welfare of animals and the conservation of nature, Dr Fleming spoke of the white veal trade, of calves with induced anaemia, deprived of roughage, tethered in cramped conditions in which they were unable to turn round.

“I’ve seen such units,” said Dr Fleming, “and they are in fact uncivilised, indefensible.”

He castigated the system of battery houses in which birds were kept in such close quarters that they could not walk, take dustbaths, or even spread their wings. An animal’s enjoyment was expressed in movement, and such intensive husbandry abused the dignity of creature life.

Dr Fleming, a member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, added that we must seek a fruitful partnership with our natural environment.

Earlier, a reading taken from the book of Genesis pointed to vegetarian belief:

“God also said: ‘I give you all plants that bear seed everywhere on earth, and every tree bearing fruit which yields seeds; they shall be yours for food.’”

An exhibition, open for the whole of May, by 16 conservation and animal welfare societies was ranged along aisles on either side of the cathedral nave. The vegetarian stand was organised by the Liverpool & Merseyside Branch of the Vegetarian Society.

From the June 1972 edition of The Vegetarian with thanks to The Vegetarian Society:

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