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Free Range Bishop

The Bishop of Salisbury, says that battery farming is "The most striking example of the mistreatment of animals in food production", and he says that the Church should throw its weight behind a campaign to educate people about the rights of animals.

The Bishop, Dr John Baker, has angered the National Farmers Union who want to take him on a carefully controlled tour of selected intensive units to persuade him that all is well. For our part, we are to have a meeting with the Bishop before his conducted tour.

The Rev. Dick Jones has also spoken out in his capacity as Rector of Bournemouth's town centre parish. He asks for more support to be given to groups like Compassion In World Farming and Animal Aid.

NB. Bishop Baker retired in 1993 and has been a Patron of CIWF since 1986.

From the November/December 1983 edition of Ag - early journal of Compassion In World Farming. Reproduced with Thanks:

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