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Animal Aid worker hits at Clergy

'Animal rights campaigners in Northampton have hit out at local vicars for "burying their heads in the sand" over vivisection and factory farming.

The attack on the Church of England followed a meeting between members of Northampton's Animal Aid and local churches to discuss the abuse of animals.

An Animal Aid spokesman, Miss June Barrett, said there was an "abysmal" turnout of representatives of the Church of England. Only one vicar had arrived. "We are of the opinion that they are a defender of the Establishment rather than of the weak and defenceless as they should be." she said.

The meeting, held at Abingdon Church Rooms, Park Avenue North, Northampton, attracted 34 people, representing four churches, out of a 79-strong invitation list.

"The majority of invitations went to the Church of England," she said. "Four people had the courtesy to write to me and say they could not attend and to wish me well, but the rest ignored it.

"The thing that really did hit you most was the general apathy of the clergy and the lack of interest in the subject, which we feel they must face up to."

Northampton Chronicle and Echo

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