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During Lent, the British Turkey Federation resurrects its pre-Easter press and television campaign in a bid to up the million-and a-half turkeys sold during the holiday period last year. Forecasting an increase in the “cut-turkey” business – in order to create a market for turkey joints, geneticists have developed the Ten 30 strain of turkey which produces the mammoth 25-pounders known as Two-Legged Lambs, too gross to waddle in the Turkey Trot. In the past seven years, turkey sales at Easter have risen by over 600%, a sizeable proportion of the battalion of birds killed for Christmas.

Comment comes from a vegetarian Minister in Oxfordshire. “Easter is a celebration of resurrection and life,” says the Reverend T. Hislop, Rector of Salford and Little Rollright. “Large-scale commercial slaughter – especially at a time like this – makes a mockery of Christian faith.”

From the March 1977 edition of The Vegetarian with thanks to The Vegetarian Society:

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