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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Clare and Tom Harral (1991 - 2001)


WELCOME TO the Fellowship of Life's Christmas 1991 Newsletter. We feel honoured that Mrs Margaret Lawson has trusted us to carry forward her splendid work - it is with faith and love that we shall endeavour to do so. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Margaret for her tireless dedication and hard work in running the Fellowship of Life single-handed since founding it in 1973. We know you join us in wishing her every happiness, peace and blessing in her well-deserved 'retirement'. She is an inspiration to us all. It is with deep gratitude that we acknowledge her work and say 'thank you, Margaret'.

"In the June 1991 issue of the Green Magazine we read that Christians all over Britain are going 'green' - and additions to a new edition of the Bible are being made to suit the needs of today's eco-conscious believers. Reference texts at the end of the volume will stress the Bible's commitment to environmental issues. Tim Carr, Managing Editor of the Bible Society says: 'We will focus on caring for the planet and vegetarianism instead of sin and damnation.' Also, the New Testament will be re-issued on re-cycled paper.

A spokesman for the Archbishop of Canterbury told Green Magazine 'More and more Christians are discovering that saving the planet is part and parcel of their faith.' Lowell Sheppard, Director of British Youth for Christ, says: 'As God's people we have a duty to care for the planet just as we care for the cathedrals.'

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