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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Clare and Tom Harral (1991 - 2001)


"Meat-eating is linked with the two biggest killers of humans in the Western world; heart disease and cancer, as well as myriad other diseases. The unsavoury facts about animal consumption seem endless. Apart from the health hazards and the pain and suffering inflicted on farm animals in their miserable, brutal lives before the barbarity of slaughter, the Western world's dependence on meat is also inevitably linked with starvation overseas, and is literally devouring the earth and producing ecological collapse. The message is clear - the war waged on animals, through (ab)using, exploiting and traumatising them for greed and profit is rebounding on humans, who are now joining the animal casualties. We are now suffering the consequences of turning them into meat, milk, and egg machines."

"As the cases of CJD tragically continue to rise, the BSE crisis strengthens and re-affirms the validity of the divinely-ordained vegetarian/vegan diets for humans as stated in Genesis, 1:29. Yet the churches still refuse to endorse it and instead dance with the commercial, profit-based, cruel and corrupt 'system' that 'stalks the world in death-robes, soaked in the blood of innocents' (E. Edwards)."

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