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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Clare and Tom Harral (1991 - 2001)


"Welcome, everyone, to the Christmas 1998 Newsletter, which sees the Silver Jubilee of the Fellowship of Life! It seems appropriate that this has been our busiest year so far, with orders for the Christian Vegetarianism booklet being particularly encouraging. Furthermore, an inadvertent 'birthday present' came from the Church Times, which gave us the front-page heading: 'God is a veggie, says booklet.' "

"It is only reasonable to assume that Jesus would most certainly have lived up to the highest ideals expressed in the Old Testament. And it is totally inconceivable that He who cared deeply about the fate of a single sparrow could possibly condone the horrific cruelty inherent in factory-farming, animal transport and slaughter. These all add up to make sense of vegetarianism/veganism as a Christian way of life."

"The only reason the Fellowship of Life has reached its Silver Jubilee is because of you - our supporters! We thank you with all our hearts for your help and support of whatever kind: our deepest appreciations to everyone. We're all painfully aware that there is still lots more to do. Far from being Cool Britannia, we're still Cruel Britannia, a nation of animal-keepers, not lovers. But whatever you are doing to help this beleaguered world of ours, do not be discouraged - keep going and know that nothing is in vain: the good is growing. 'Ordinary people' are achieving remarkable successes all over the world. It's vital to keep up the momentum, and we hope this Newsletter provides a few pointers and helps in encouraging more benevolent living and compassionate action in the coming year."

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