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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Margaret Lawson (1974-1989)


"Soon it will be Christmas with its festival of praise and the accompanying outpouring of the Spirit, despite the misguided, not to say horrific expression of thanksgiving in the slaughter of millions of birds and animals in the name of the Lord of Compassion and Prince of Peace."

"Since last writing you we have to welcome two new patrons - the Rev. Dr. William Barclay, eminent theologian and writer, whose article "Man and the Beasts" in the Church of Scotland's magazine, 'Life and Work' early in the year elicited more than a page of follow-up correspondence - but, sadly, not one letter from a minister. Our other new patron is Mr. Philip Pick, founder-president of the Jewish Vegetarian Society, who has always given me much support, and helped to solve some of my own questionings! We thank these two gentlemen for their gracious support."

"May I also take this opportunity to remind ministers that they are in a key position to waken their flocks to their responsibilities to God's creatures. Of what use salvation or reconciliation with God if they carry on in the old foolish ways? Faith must be accompanied by works. Active retired ministers could also do much to help, and I look forward to the day when letters appear in the religious press in support of our cause signed by 'Reverends'."

"May this Christmas, the Christmas of Animal Welfare Year, see new light dawning in the Church with new hope for the animals and birds. The life of faith ought to be one of progress and there is something questionable about faith which allows one to remain bogged down in the rut of tradition preventing one from rising to a purer, holier way of life, which is, in fact beneficial to all Creation."

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