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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Margaret Lawson (1974-1989)


"One wonders yet again what Christians, with a few exceptions, are dreaming of to allow such a travesty of compassion for the celebration of the birth of Christ, the Compassionate One. Carols and carnage, could there ever be anything more contradictory? Why, oh why are they content to go on in the same old way just because it is traditional and their friends and neighbours do it? Should they not in fact be standing out as shining examples of a way of life which demonstrates compassion to all creatures? Have they ever watched lorryloads of animals and birds on their way to market or slaughterhouse and wondered at their fate, or at the fate and distress which they suffer even in transport? (Do they realise that the first appointment which the champion bull at smithfield has is with the slaughterman? - this is by the way.) Do they really think that Jesus would be a party to it were he here today - in fact, there is not one word in the New Testament even as we have it today that means He ate the flesh of animals - "meat" as it is used means "food". He said that he came to fulfill the law, so must surely have lived up to the highest ideals expressed in the Old Testament, but so sadly overlooked by preachers today."

"However, whether or not we believe Jesus to have been a vegetarian, surely we should have no qualms about following a way of life which demonstrates a love which embraces all creatures. Would He not rather commend such a lifestyle than condemn?"

"Let me emphasise once again that the "Fellowship of Life" is not an animal welfare society as such but is directed to the Church as it is felt that the Church bears a heavy responsibility for the way in which animals are treated today in factory farms, vivisection laboratories, the fur trade, etc., and that consecrated Christians and Church leaders at least should uphold the ideal in their own lives of not hurting or destroying for the "ordinary" church goer, and, for that matter, the person of goodwill outside the Church, to see and aspire to. From the killing of food most, if not all, cruelties spring. In fact, in the pipeline is a new version of our illustrated leaflet to include "people of goodwill" of all religions or philosophies or none. True love for God, by whatever name He is called, must be mirrored by love for all His creation."

"Special campaigns using Fellowship of Life leaflets are being organised for this Christmas at Manchester and Salisbury Cathedrals. We wish all those involved well, especially David Davies who plans to fast outside Salisbury Cathedral for the ten days leading up to Christmas."

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