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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Margaret Lawson (1974-1989)


"Greetings to you all as the Christ Festival approaches once again! May more hearts, especially Christian hearts, be open to its message of Peace, Love, Harmony, Justice, and Mercy to all God's creatures. This years Harvest Thanksgiving 'Songs of Praise' from a village near the Royal Agricultural Centre filled me with sadness and horror with its emphasis on the rearing of cattle and pigs. I almost expected a carcass of beef to be carried in and laid on the altar - it might as well have been, the meaning was clear. And Christmas approaches once again to be celebrated with turkey and roast beef with no word of reproach from the hierarchy of the Church to her members!"

"Following on my last newsletter I was most touched and encouraged by the number who wrote saying that I must not give up this work. Indeed, I think that it is important that we should persevere even if we see next to nothing for our efforts. As I said, there is always something to encourage us to go on. As I once read in the Jewish Vegetarian, 'It is not thine to complete the task, but neither art thou free to desist from it.' Although the work of the Fellowship of Life leans very much to the attitudes of humans to animals and the environment, there are other aspects of the good life which must not be overlooked. I may be old-fashioned, but I think that if more attention were paid to the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount today, then the world would be a better place. The 'Thou shalt nots' add up to something positive when taken along with the Sermon on the Mouunt!"

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