The Fellowship of Life
a Christian-based vegetarian group founded in 1973



FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Margaret Lawson (1974-1989)


"As you know, the Fellowship of Life was formed because of the lack of Christian teaching on 'not killing animals for food' as an ideal Christian way of life - that was my own initiation into enlightenment into other aspects of cruelty - vivisection, factory farming, trapping, entertainment using animals, and much later, environmental problems. Perhaps for some the issue will work in reverse, as environmental problems do seem to be attracting so much concern now, but in the meantime animals continue to suffer. Now Christmas is approaching with its horrifying bloodshed, condoned, alas, by the Church. When living in the country I used to pass a field of geese every week, and then came a time a week or two before Christmas when the field was empty - and I felt sick. So what of the millions of birds in broiler-houses, not even given a life in the open, that we don't see?"

"Sometimes I wonder if it is this very matter of killing animals for food that comes between Christians and their God, preventing them from finding the lasting inner peace of reconciliation with Him, as it was with the rich ruler who was told by Jesus to go and give his wealth to the poor. Certainly, the Church is waking up environmentally, but is it out of love for God and all His creation, or is it the instinct of self-preservation? How many of its leaders care enough about what happens to the animals to give up eating them and their products?"

"To those who get down-hearted at the lack of response to their efforts for the animals, here is a quotation from E.F. Schumacher:

We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we're going to be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing we'll be doing the wrong thing, and we'll just be part of the disease and not part of the cure.

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