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An Open Letter - Christmas 1950

My Lord Archbishop,

Your Holiness,

In your hands rests the responsibility of directing the thoughts of millions of trusting people towards a more spiritual life in which Peace and Universal Harmony will replace the discord and unlovely conditions in which we live to-day.

I cannot believe that such a happy state will come about while we ourselves do not grant the elementary right of Life to the lesser creatures in our care.

Even as nations are coming to see that 'dominion' over more primitive people does not necessarily imply the right to exploit and use selfishly, so must we consider whether our overlordship of less evolved creatures is enlightened and in accord with Christian principles.

Therefore on behalf of those lesser ones, with whom I am priveleged to share the sacred gift of life, I beg that you will be kind enough to consider if the habit of flesh-eating is needful for the maintenance of health or in keeping with the way of life to which our Father calls.

For my Friends - the Creatures,

Geoffrey L. Rudd
The Vegetarian - Winter 1950

(A copy was sent to the Vatican, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, all Bishops, Deans, Archdeacons and Canons; a number of Catholic Priests, Church of England Officials and Clergymen; as well as leaders of other Denominations.)

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