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Papal Morals

In his tribute to the Pope in the Sunday Times, Dr. William Godfrey, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, referred to him as "the highest moral authority in Christendom" whose numerous addresses "were often made at the request not only of Catholics but of people of different faiths who were anxious to know the Catholic moral teaching on medical, scientific and other problems."

This is surely rather a tactless reminder of the fact that, in order to rejuvenate himself, this octogenarian, last Devember, had himself injected by Dr. Niehans with the minced foetus of a sheep. A report in the American paper Look, describing this obscene operation, stated that the Swiss doctor "insists that his animals must be alive - though unconscious from a blow - when the organs are removed."

Later, the Sunday Graphic informed us that not only had the Pope submitted to these cellular injections but highly recommended them to others, thus setting his seal of approval on medical violence, and the inhumane attitude science adopts to all animals.

When giving his blessing to slaughter-house workers, Pius XII remarked that "the groaning and moaning of animals in a slaughter-house should not distress us too much," since it was the will of God that men should eat flesh, despite the explicit instructions in the first chapter of Genesis, that man should live on a harmless diet of fruit, nuts and grain.

As the Catholic world believes that every dictum the Pope utters is the will of God, the harm done by such utterances to the cause of humanitarianism and non-violence is beyond all computation, even if we charitably overlook the papal blessings on the armaments of Mussolini's assasins before the rape of Ethiopia, which really triggered off the second world war.

If this is the highest morality in Christendom, it is time that advocates of non-violence should look elsewhere - to the teachings of Tolstoy or Gandhi, for instance - for spiritual leadership.

Esme Wynne-Tyson

World Forum - October 1958

(also published in the October 25th edition of Psychic News)

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