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Letters By Margaret Lawson

The Humbler Creation

I would like to endorse what Mr. Rattray says in the April/June World Forum regarding the orthodox Church's attitude to God's humble (?) creation. Since seeing the light myself I have never lost the sense of shock I had when I realised the complete apathy of the Church towards the creatures, and it seems to me that it is time something more was done about it. But what? "A Young Protester" has my sympathy (though I am not completely "with it" as regards all her methods) - it certainly would appear that the ideal of free speech considered so precious in the Church of Scotland, as well as in the country as a whole, remains but an ideal which is not lived up to - and so-called Christians dislike intensely being stirred out of their rut. It is worse still when they are actually shown what is going on in the vivisection laboratories, etc., and still will not shake themselves to do anything, probably for fear of what others will think, regardless of what God thinks. If only the Church would face up to its responsibilities as regards God's dumb, sentient creation, then surely it would be a big step towards the coming of love and peace on earth.

I would also like to reassure Miss Rice about becoming vegetarian "on a shoe-string." I myself became vegetarian in 1962, following the very simplest of diets, cutting out meat and fish, and eating eggs and cheese and nuts and lentils instead, along with a raw salad, or vegetables cooked together in one pot! - with an occasional variation of a canned nutmeat or other meat substitute. I was also dependent on "shop" vegetables and fruit. Up till last year there was no health food store in Inverness, and even if there had been I could not have afforded fancy foods. Now there is one, but I only patronise it for cruelty-free toilet goods. There is absolutely no need for so-called health foods and an ordinary lemon squeezer was the nearest I ever came to a fruit juicer. I found that the diet prescribed in "Health for All" provided a good basis to start with, along with deep breathing, exercise, and an occasional fast, and I now enjoy far better health than ever before, having been vegan for five years.

Let us remember that when we follow our conscience and live up to our ideals God always provides, so why hesitate? When there is a will, and love, there is a way.

World Forum
Jul-Sep 1969

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