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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Living death

How many have ever given serious thought to what 'factory farming' really means in terms of suffering caused to the animals involved? Their treatment can only be called cruel, immoral and a crime against Creation. Moreover unnatural conditions cannot but cause disease in the birds and animals themselves, so what of the health of those who consume them?

And now unnatural, mechanical contraptions have been designed for cows and lambs. Where is it all to stop? Is it not time that we refused to eat the products of the factory farm, and supported all efforts to have the Government ban it altogether? (Denmark has already outlawed the battery system of egg production). So shall we help to bring to an end this "living death for animals"?

Life and Work magazine
April 1971

From the June edition:

Cruelty to animals

I'd like to underline Margaret Lawson's letter (April) about the conditions in 'factory farming'. As if those were not bad enough, apparently a further fiendish contraption, imported from Sweden, is in the offing.

It seems animal lovers can do little about it except to write to their MP's asking them to take action.

'Factory farming' is morally wrong. To deprive living, sentient creatures of liberty, as is done with battery hens, calves and other farm animals is cruel. If domestic pets were treated in such a way their owners would be heavily fined!

God gave man dominion over the lower animals for use and enjoyment not for abuse.

In the long run, as "the mills of God grind slowly", so will our exploitation of dumb animals bring an aftermath of judgment of some kind.

(Miss) M.M. Matheson,

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