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Letters By Margaret Lawson


Every now and again one comes across some self-contradictory phrase which attempts to water down the essential evil meaning and salve our consciences, e.g. "Christian violence" and "humane slaughter".

The latest for me is "Army Kirk Sessions", a reference to the fact that there are elders serving in the Black Watch.

Here we have gross inconsistency - elders of the Church of Him who preached the gospel of love and non-violence, sitting at His table, and then going out to shed the blood of His people.

Is it not time that the Church became more strict in the appointment of its office-bearers, that Christianity may be shown in its true light by their example, and not diluted to its present-day travesty? The Christian way of life is quite contrary to popular belief, and should shine out as a beacon.

Let us be fools for Christ's sake and indeed study war no more.

Life and Work magazine
July 1971


'Kirk Sessions' - Court of the Scottish Presbyterian Church

'Black Watch' - Royal Highland Regiment in the British Army

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