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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Esme Wynne-Tyson

I should like, if I may, to add a few words to those of Mr. Ronald Lightowler regarding the retiral of Mrs. Esme Wynne-Tyson, which for me has meant a deep sense of loss. The views which she has expressed in her wriings have given me much guidance as to what the Good Life means. Especially in these days of permissiveness and "the pill" it is only to be hoped that celibacy, probably the most unpopular ideal which she has expressed, will come to be recognised as a true fruit of the Spirit, as well as pacifism and vegetarianism. Surely it is time that more was done to bring these ideals to the notice of the orthodox Church so that from it, or even, to begin with, from a group within it, they may in time shine forth undimmed and unadulterated, for all to see and aspire to, if they will.

World Forum
Jul-Sep 1971

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