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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Prayer for animals

May I once again draw the attention of your readers to the "World Day" which falls this year on Sunday, October 3rd or the nearest convenient Sunday.

Our attitude to, and treatment of the animals committed to our care is one of paramount importance. Indeed this may well be one of the fundamental spiritual issues which confronts the Church today, Christian love can no longer be confined to our own species but must go out to embrace all God's creation.

It is therefore our duty to enquire into all the cruelties inflicted on animals in the name of food, medicine, clothes, progress and entertainment, and to abstain from the end-products of cruelty and exploitation. In so doing we can rest assured of better health, and peace and joy in the knowledge that we are making a positive contribution to that vision of Isaiah: "They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain," saith the Lord.

Life and Work magazine
September 1971

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