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Help for the whale

Sir, - Your columnist 'Justin' (March 3) tells us that the giant otter, the cheetah, the leopard, the tiger and the gentle red deer of the Lake district are all faced with extinction.

He might also have mentioned several species of the whale, those gentle and intelligent monsters of the deep. They are being systematically killed off by man's commercial greed.

Some species are now so rare that there are long odds against further propagation.

International legislation to protect the whale is so encrusted with qualifications as to render it meaningless.

One expert has said that if Britain followed the example of the United States in prohibiting the import of products made from two near-extinct species of whale a major blow would be struck for conservation.

I suggest we take 'Justin's' advice and write to our M.P.'s about it.

P. Morris

The Universe (17/3/72)

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