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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Society of United Prayer for Animals

I should think that by now you will know that the appeal for regular prayer and a special day for united prayer for animals met with very little support. Of course it would have been too much to expect success at the first attempt, but I shall keep trying as I feel, in the face of such ignorance and apathy, a special approach is essential to awaken Christians to their responsibilities to the animal creation, and to the fact that they ought not to partake of, or enjoy, the products of cruelty.

The deliverance on Factory Farming was inconclusive, and it seems to me that the very fact that animals and birds are removed from their natural surroundings and forced to live unnatural lives is itself a basic cruelty. More basic still - and the one from which I believe all other cruelties stem - is the injustice of slaughtering them - but not everyone will go along with me on that. But at least the onus should be placed on Christians to abstain from the products of cruelty as they themselves see it, instead of saying "It is cruel, but.....". As we make the decision to refrain from some particular evil, the appropriate good alternative always presents itself. And surely ministers to whom we look for guidance should be first in the field! Certainly no consecrated Christian should have any part in cruelty - or killing for that matter.

I am appealing to next year's General Assembly for a deliverance on cruelties other than Factory Farming, as well as renewing my appeal for regular prayer and united prayer, and I am wondering if by any chance you may be expecting to be a Commissioner, and, if so, would you be prepared to help. There is so little time between the appointment of Commissioners and the Assembly itself to organise things. Sometimes I think we need a group of interested ministers to get together - my voice - pen! (or typewriter!) - alone is not sufficient.

May I recommend the following book for your reading:-

"Animals, Men & Morals" edited by Stanley and Roslind Godlovitch and John Harris.

Published by Victor Gollancz. Price 2.20.

Trusting that I may have your continued support and with all good wishes.

Letter to Scottish members
28th June, 1972.

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