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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Factory farming

The deliverance on Factory Farming by the General Assembly with its recommendations to the Government will be welcomed by all those concerned about the plight of animals. However it would be much more to the point if the Church were to encourage ministers and members to refrain from the products of Factory Farms. Cruelty is a sin, and consecrated Christians at least should have no part in it whatsoever. This applies equally to the products of vivisection laboratories, trapping and slaughterhouses.

The refusal by the Assembly to accept an appeal for prayer for the cessation of those cruelties makes one wonder if ministers are themselves prepared to accept any sacrifice which their consciences may demand in response to their prayers, or if they are afraid that they will upset members of their congregations who depend on cruelty for a living. True Christianity is a way of life very different from that of the "world" and unless it embraces all living things it is falling far short of the mark.

Life and Work magazine
July 1972

From the August 1972 edition:

Prayer for animals

Mrs. Lawson's letter (July) contains a statement which should be corrected.

She refers to "the refusal of the Assembly to accept an appeal for prayer for the cessation of those cruelties". What in fact the Assembly refused was the request for a special Sunday to be set apart for such prayer.

I am sure that the Assembly had no intention of discouraging the inclusion of prayer for animals in normal services of worship. Quite the reverse.

(Rev.) A. A. Fleming,

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