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Letters By Margaret Lawson


Regarding Marjorie Mepham’s reference to fake furs in the June Vegetarian I am wondering if she has the same objection to the use of man made materials in the manufacture of shoes – so like leather – or of courtelle and acrylan goods – so like wool – or nylon and terylene articles, indistinguishable, or almost so, from their animal counterparts. We cannot reasonably object to anything without offering an alternative and I believe that much good is being done by the cosmetic demonstrations and mannequin parades of simulation furs given by Beauty Without Cruelty by opening the eyes of women to the cruelty inflicted on animals.

To the writer of “Predicament” I would say that, though myself vegetarian for eleven years (vegan for nine), I still cook meat for my husband and son, as well as for visitors. I never allow myself to forget that I myself enjoyed my steak and bacon and eggs for more than half my “allotted span”, so it is not for me to inflict my belief on others who have not yet reached a similar stage of spiritual development. To do so would more likely cause aversion, not conversion.

I do sometimes envy those, if there are any, who can get by without any compromise - but it is “Predicament’s” privilege as well as my own to serve those in our care according to their rights, whilst at the same time allowing the light of a better way to shine from our own way of life.

Margaret E. Lawson (Mrs)
The Vegetarian
August 1972

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