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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Carols and carcases

It may be of interest to your readers to know that it was St. Francis of Assisi who first had a crib erected outside his church in Greccio. Live sheep and a donkey completed the scene!

All the more strange, therefore, the belief that the birthday of the Son of God must be celebrated by the shedding of the blood of thousands of His creatures. How can we believe that He rejoices to see His Father's creatures killed in order that His birthday may be celebrated? Should we not as Christians be pondering these things and be disturbed by them - and, being disturbed, should we not refuse to have anything to do with the products of bloodshed? Or is it simply that we do not care as long as we can make merry?

Carols and carcasses! Carols and corpses! How strange a combination!

Life and Work magazine
December 1972

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