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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Circus animals

With the coming of summer there also arrive with great fanfares the travelling circuses with their pitiful cargoes of caged wild animals. Whether or not those animals are trained by kindness is very much open to doubt. For the sensitive person there can be no doubt at all that the animals are where they are not for their own benefit, but in order to line the pockets of the circus proprietors. I am therefore writing to appeal to all Christian parents not to visit circuses with performing animals as when they do they are in fact contributing to the injustice of wild animals being held captive, deprived of the freedom to roam at will and live out their lives as their Creator, and ours, intended, whilst at the same time they are educating their children in the false belief that animals were created for their enjoyment, no matter what the cost to the animals.

Life and Work magazine
July 1973

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