The Fellowship of Life
a Christian-based vegetarian group founded in 1973


Letters By Margaret Lawson

Fellowship of Life

As a result of campaigning "World Day for Animals" over the past four years in the Church of Scotland so that "Reverence for All Life" may be recognised as a true Christian virtue, I am now forming the "Fellowship of Life" to unite Christians and others who are concerned over the treatment of God's animal creation. Too long has the Church been silent over the many cruelties inflicted on animals in the name of food, science, medicine, clothes, and entertainment, as well as being lacking in guidance as to what Christians ought to do in order to live lives of kindness to the defenceless and innocent creatures who are at the mercy of ignorant and greedy man.

Please join this year in observing "World Day of Prayer for Kindness to Animals", October 8th or the nearest convenient Sunday. For further information and supplies of literature write the honorary secretary, Mrs. M. E. Lawson, Eynhallow, Croy, Inverness, IV1 2PG, stating quantity required.

Life and Work magazine
October 1973

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