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Letters By Margaret Lawson

The Fellowship of Life

Away back in 1969 the then editor of World Forum very kindly printed a letter from me in which I deplored the attitude of the Church to the animal creation, saying that something ought to be done about it, but I wondered "What?" Since then I have been campaigning "World Day for Animals" within the Church in Scotland (all the main denominations) with a view to having "Reverence for All Life" recognised as a true Christian virtue. Now I am taking a further step and am forming "The Fellowship of Life" in order to fill the gap in the Church's teaching by exposing the cruelties to which animals are subjected in the name of food, medicine, science, entertainment, etc., and by urging individual Christians to be kind to animals by refraining from the products of cruelty, including the father of them all, killing for food. There is much education needed on the positive side as regards correct diet, healing, etc., which I hope to deal with in a magazine, but the prime need is for literature suitable for display in church vestibules (especially during the tourist season) and for persons willing to help in getting the literature there.

In your editorial in the summer World Forum you wonder if it is possible that the Churches can liberate themselves from the bondage of tradition, forsake their dogmas and creeds and elevate many of their teachings to their true soulic level where they can have real spiritual power? Whilst agreeing fundamentally with you I must say here that the Churches, despite their mistaken beliefs, do have much to offer in the way of worship of God, perhaps one of the commonest paths trod by the soul in its return to Him. It was thus I found my way even before I discovered for myself the truth about animals. Then followed the discovery of the mistaken beliefs, and it seems to me that if we can waken the Churches to the wrongness of the orthodox, traitional attitude to animals then we shall be clearing the way for further Light.

The symbol which I have chosen - the merging of the two symbols for "Life", the Cross and the Tree (right way up!), not forgetting the ancient sacrificial meaning of the Cross - was very much inspired by Petra Skriver's article in a recent World Forum and, as time has gone on it, along with the shortening of the original title, "The Churches' Fellowship for the Promotion of Reverence for All Life" to "The Fellowship of Life" has revealed far wider and deeper implications than at first envisaged, in the bringing under one banner of the redeemed no matter of what religion, or of none, in the practice of this high spiritual ethic, "They shall not hurt nor destroy in All My Holy Mountain". How far we shall move towards this ultimate goal in the time left to me on this planet I know not, but at least the foundations will have been laid and I shall be pleased to hear from any reader of World Forum who would like to help eiher financially or in any other way.

To God be the Glory.

World Forum
Oct-Dec 1973

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