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I am glad when the Christmas “festival” is over as it always nauseates me. In my opinion there are far more animal cruelties in the name of religion than anything else, and instead of the Churches trying to set a line for an attitude of compassion towards the lower creatures they too often remain indifferent.

Apart from a few exceptions the Christian clergy could not care less. As an example of the usual attitude on this matter, there was the revolting case of the Baptist priest in America who cut a living lamb’s throat at Easter a few years ago in full view of the congregation. I was also shocked to read that a former Pope once went about blessing abattoir workers.

Meat-eaters are fond of bringing up passages in the Bible which they claim support their views such as the parable of “the fatted calf,” but there is one other passage too, “He that killeth a beast killeth a man” which is conveniently overlooked.

L. Trow
The Vegetarian
February 1974

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