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Letters By Margaret Lawson

An Open Letter to All Leaders of Religion

Dear Sirs,

In sending our "Fellowship of Life" literature to leaders of religion no matter of what denomination or sect we wish to make it clear that we fully realise that they cannot undertake active campaigning for our cause along with their other commitments unless, of course, they feel so called. However, we do wish to point out that the work of the Fellowship is directed to individual Christians in order that they may examine their own consciences in the light of the cruelties and injustices committed against God's animal creation. Furthermore, a life of kindness attained by abstaining from the products of cruelty takes up no time and in no way interferes with one's human commitments - in fact one may actually be more spiritually able to undertake those commitments.

Whilst not everyone will at present agree with all the points raised in our pamphlets - if they did we would not be conducting this campaign! - we feel sure that at least one point will strike a chord with everyone, and on that basis we should like to suggest a few simple ways in which ministers who, after all, are in special positions of trust to lead Christians to a kinder, more moral way of life, can help the cause of the Fellowship which is as concerned with humans as it is with animals, and indeed all Creation, for that which harms part of the whole, harms the whole. They are:

1. Offering prayers for God's creation every Sunday with special reference to the animals and our treatment of them;

2. Holding a special service at least once a year (the nearest convenient Sunday to the 4th October, the birthday of St. Francis of Assisi, or a Sunday during Advent or Lent is suggested);

3. Displaying literature of the "Fellowship if Life" in their church vestibules.

Thanking you all in anticipation of your support for this vital cause.

Yours sincerely in the service of God and All His Creation.

Margaret E. Lawson

P.S. An indication of support for this cause would be much appreciated from any who feel called upon to acknowledge this letter.

In circulation from 1975 onwards

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