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Man of compassion

Sir, - Cardinal Heenan was indeed a compassionate man. His deep compassion for suffering extended even to the animal world.

Permit me to quote from the Cardinal's forward to a book entitled "God's Animals" by Dom Ambrose Agius, O.S.B., M.A.

"...This book of Father Agius will be valuable in drawing attention to the many ways in which the rights of God can be transgressed through ignorance as well as malice.

"It was once pointed out to me that the catechism had no question about cruelty to animals. This was true but in giving lessons on Christian doctrine teachers now include the subject of cruelty to animals.

"The best and most experienced teachers do not, of course, talk of cruelty to animals. They talk of kindness to animals. Christians have a duty not only to refrain from doing harm but also to do positive good. This book will help Christians to do their duty. That is why I wish it a wide circulation."

(Mrs) M.W. Watkins

The Universe (21/11/75)

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