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Appeal to Archbishop

From the Chairman of the Vegetarian Society, John le Grice to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Donald Coggan – Christmas 1975:

“As an earnest of the spirit of peace and goodwill we beseech all Christians to foreswear the slaughter and violence entailed in stocking their tables with butchers’ meat.

“Slaying these innocent animals for their flesh contrasts cruelly with their part in the blessedness of the Nativity scene. The manger should remind us of the world’s shortage of food. Children starve while the livestock of the affluent nations are fattened on crops squandered as feed, instead of being used as food.

“Christmas without butchers’ meat can be a joyous festival, un-shadowed by the wantonness of slaughter. Reverence for life and the remission of violence harmonise with wishes expressed in your recent utterances on the state of society.”

From the January 1976 edition of The Vegetarian with thanks to the Vegetarian Society:

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