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New Lifestyle

Too often the accusation of sentimentality is made against the animal lover by the callous. It shows a lack of understanding for true concern for animals, but it may be justified in the case of those who pamper and overfeed their pets, as well as those who make distinctions between the rights of pets and those of their fellow-creatures, ignoring the injustices and cruelties which are perpetuated on them in the name of food, clothes and medicine. True love embraces ALL creation.

Mrs. Innes, in her letter in the May issue, remarked that it is difficult to know what can be done about mass cruelties. There certainly can be no sudden wiping out of them, but a beginning can be made by individuals, and especially Christians, refusing to live on the products of cruelty and killing, at least where food and clothes are concerned. This is only logical if our profession of faith is true.

By so doing we will do much more than we realise to advance God's Kingdom on earth - we release more grain for the hungry, we show mercy and justice to the animals, we help the environment, and we find a new lifestyle for ourselves with less cooking and greasy washing- up, lower fuel consumption, better health (therefore less need of the products of the vivisection laboratory!), and clear consciences in the knowledge that no human and no animal has suffered or died that we may live.

The Fellowship of Life was founded in 1973 to call Christians to have done with killing and cruelty and practise a lifestyle which is beneficial to all creation - including themselves. Already there is a response, and "Lifestyle Sunday" (15th May) although it did not embrace our high ideals, was a sign that the Church is awakening to its wider responsibilities. It is hoped that in future years "Lifestyle Sunday" will embrace, without preference or distinction, all creation, of which we are all a part. Free literature is available to all who care to write - help with postage is much appreciated where possible.

Life and Work magazine
June 1977

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