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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Christmas fare

This Christmas let us step out of the rut of tradition and make the festival a humane and special one, at least where Christians are concerned, leaving the poor slaughtered bodies of the creatures to the unbelievers.

Our menu need not be complicated or exotic and might read: fruit juice or carrot soup (delicious soups can be made with the help of herbs or yeast extract instead of bones); Brazil nut roast with chestnut stuffing - or even a simple chestnut stew; Brussels sprouts; potatoes baked or boiled in their jackets; stuffed oranges, or fruit salad. Mince pies and plum pudding could of course be included, made with non-animal ingredients, the fat being obtainable from health food shops or good grocers. In fact vegetarian mincemeat and plum puddings are obtainable ready made.

Such a meal would be doubly satisfying, not only physically but spiritually in the knowledge that we have at last risen above the ancient pagan customs on which our traditional Christmas celebrations are regrettably founded.

Life and Work magazine
December 1977

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