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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Plea for dialogue

I too listened to Mr. Fyfe's multi-religious service on radio but, unlike M. O. Smith, was impressed by it despite its unusualness. Mr Fyfe was not trying to convert anybody to another's religion, but rather was he concentrating on the common point which is central to all the main religions, namely, love for God and love for our neighbour. Each culture must have its own prophets and ways of expression, but they all reflect the same truth - as Blake said, "All religions are one." The BBC organisers are, in fact, to be congratulated in broadcasting such a service.

Rather than seeking to convert, would it not be more to the point if there was open-minded dialogue between the world religions in which we could learn from one another without any effort at proselytisfying, even by Christians?

Instead of being worried about the increasing interest shown by the young in Eastern religions, it would be spiritually enriching to go along with them and in all probability we would find answers to some of the problems which perplex us.

Life and Work magazine
May 1978

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