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Exporting livestock

Sir, - May I bring to the attention of the public the disgusting practice of exporting livestock to the continent for slaughter?

Calves for export are often kept in confined spaces with little or no room to move. The buildings are often in semi-darkness and conditions very poor indeed. The animals are subjected to these conditions from an early age up to the time of slaughter.

The mind boggles at the attitude of certain members of a so-called educated race! Imagine those poor animals, a few weeks old, being transported in cramped conditions, with the temperatures being around the 30 centigrade mark at times.

Bear in mind that, at times, no food or water is at hand for them!

Pigs are often chained up to restrict their movements and horses are often herded 12 or 14 to a pen throughout the journey. In fact any animal destined for sale on the continent will, likely or not, suffer throughout the whole journey.

The RSPCA have spent thousands of pounds in their campaign to banish this sordid practice and have even tried to embrace the politicians for their help, but it seems that big business can turn the politicians away from the situation rather than towards it.

John C. McGregor,

The Universe

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