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Battery hens

Sir, - I read with great interest your article on Sr. Regina (Universe, April 20).

She is to be commended for using her talents to augment her Order's income.

But I would further commend her if she could persuade the rest of her community to cease keeping battery hens.

They continue to do this in spite of a plea from members of "Compassion in World Farming," and a most appealing letter from Fr. Basil Wrighton.

The battery is a most evil practice which I as a Catholic cannot reconcile with the teachings of Christ.

May I make a further appeal to the Sisters of Our Lady of the Passion: You have sufficient land to allow your hens free range.

Please remember your crucified Saviour.

What you are doing is an outrage against the God who made us all, animal and human.

Jean M. Shaw

The Universe (25/5/79)

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