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Ban on Whaling?

Sir, - The International Whaling Commission is to meet in Church House, Westminster, in July. We think it is wrong for the Church to play host to whale-killers without making its position clear.

Whaling is very cruel; the exploding harpoon can cause hours of pain in a whale before death. Whaling is commercially unnecessary, as it employs only a few people in any country and there are substitutes for all whale-products. Whaling threatens the extermination of species, and is therefore to be deplored on scientific and religious grounds.

We call upon the new British Government, when elected, to ban the import of sperm whale oil. Last year Britain was indirectly responsible for the slaughter of 2,200 sperm whales, one-fifth of the world catch. We call upon the government also to demand a ten-year moratorium on the slaughter of all whales.

We ask Christians to concern themselves a little more with the question of animal conservation and its theological implications.

Jonathan R. Hopcraft,
H.J. Knight,
D.J. Musson,
Leslie Salt,
B.O. Whitfield,
Philip Luff,
Edward R. Cook.
Mark Spurrell,
David Sim.

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