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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Of the Devil'

Sir, - A couple of months ago you printed an article by Canon Fielder on the Christian and animal suffering in which he pointed the Christian to a vegetarian diet.

Now that Christmas, that bloodthirsty time, is once again over, I wonder how many Christians in the Church of England actually refused to partake of the slaughtered bodies of God's creatures - the turkeys, chickens, pigs, lambs, etc., slaughtered in the name of his Son. How many had the courage and unselfishness to extend the compassion he taught to embrace his, and our, fellow creatures?

Christmas should be a time of rejoicing for all creation, not a time for imposing fear and suffering and loss of life on the animals and birds. It may be tradition, but all tradition is not necessarily good; and in this case it is of the Devil, and unworthy of those who call themselves sons of God.

How sad that the Church sanctions it even among her own people!

Church Times

The Christian and animal suffering:

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