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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Lambs & roast lamb

Sir, - Easter seldom passes without Sir Hugh Roberton's well-known song, "All in the April Evening," being heard on radio, on television or in church. Its moving words and music describe the weariness of the lambs as they pass with their mothers on their way to new pastures; and into the writer's mind comes the thought of Jesus on his way to the Cross.

But how many in the Church today think of the lambs who are sacrificed in slaughterhouses so that they may end up on the dinner table as roast lamb or grilled cutlets, accompanied by mint sauce, green peas and new potatoes - perhaps even forming the main course of Easter Sunday lunch!

Would that more people would connect the "lamb" on their plates with the lambs happily gamboling in the spring sunshine, only to be cruelly done to death in the slaughterhouse so that people may enjoy their baked bodies. Perhaps then they would shudder and say, "Never again."

Church Times

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