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Step out of the consumer society

Sir - The story about test-tube experiments (Universe, September 23) does not amaze me in the least.

The society in which we live values property and wealth far more highly than life.

The way we have treated animals in laboratories and factory farms for years, bringing needless suffering, was an arrow pointing to greater atrocities, certainly it cleared the way for human embryo experiments.

The way our civilisation is so keen to eat such a wasteful and really rather tasteless product as meat is a sign of our greed.

There is no need for such intensity of meat production. Protein from grains is not only adequate but would greatly help to alleviate the world food shortage.

At the moment we grow grain to feed animals, to feed us. Shorten the chain and just grow grain to feed humans and food becomes a lot more economical.

It is not only human life which is a slave to science but all of life. The people in power, not just the scientists (who are after all only tools) need to see that we are in this life to worship God by honouring and caring for his creation. Not to build wealth for the glory of a destructor, the Devil!

I suggest that Catholics everywhere can help by not only protesting when they see or hear of wrong doing but also they could change their life styles a little, experiment with some vegetarian cooking, learn to live a much simpler life. Step out of the consumer society into that of a Christian one.

Deirdre Levy (Mrs)

The Universe

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