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Ray of hope for a green land

Sir – As Mrs. Thatcher once quoted the famous Peace Prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, she is probably aware that he has been appointed the patron saint of ecology.

This is particularly interesting following the recent General Election in West Germany where the Green Ecology Party gained 27 seats in the new parliament.

From nothing this offers a great surge of hope, and is a most encouraging result for all those who care about the future, regardless of ideology or party labels.

But credit to politicians when credit is due, so we must congratulate the new Socialist power in Australia for promising to stop building the controversial dam in Tasmania likely to destroy vital rain forests.

News which will not only please Prince Charles who spoke out against it and was sworn at by ‘Conservatives’ for doing so, but also our ebullient botanist David Bellamy, who literally flew through the air to protest.

Thus, little by little, the thoughtful people of the world are gaining ground over those who believe they can ensure survival by the deployment of more and more guns, bombs and nuclear missiles.

Elizabeth Beamish
The Universe

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