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Letters By Margaret Lawson


Because: "billions of our fellow animals are abused and slaughtered each year for human consumption; millions of people die each year of chronic diseases associated with consumption of animal flesh; our soil, water, forests and other vital and largely irreplaceable natural resources are being destroyed by the insatiable demands of agriculture; and, vegetarianism represents the only effective solution to these critical problems that threaten our very existence" (e.g. the land required to support one meat-eater would support seven to ten vegetarians and there is a loss of 90 per cent of the protein feed fed to animals) the International Vegetarian Union in 1982 declared October to be "reverence for life" month - "life" including all living creatures, human and animal, plants and their environment.

Already in October we have the Week of Prayer for World Peace from the 21st, World Food Day on the 16th, supported by a great variety of organisations, World Day of Prayer for Animals on the nearest suitable Sunday to October 4th, the birthday of St Francis of Assisi. It was also in October that one of the greatest of modern vegetarians and humanitarians was born, namely, Gandhi.

Faced with such widespread injustice it is tempting to sit back and do nothing, but there is something each one can do and, of all people, Christians ought to do, and that is to refuse to eat the bodies of slaughtered animals, or, if this is too much to ask all at once, at least to cut down on the amount of meat consumed in a week, and support where possible the work of one or more organisations which are concerned with the betterment of God's creation.

Life and Work
October 1984

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