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Abuse of animals

Sir - Now that Gerald Priestland's comments in connection with "animal liberation" have attracted correspondence, I too would like to state my views.

Where animals are concerned, the human race appears to feel that "might makes right" any exploitation and much cruelty.

We can, in many situations, control animals, and so we do it, without, it seems to me, much attempt to examine whether we are right to act in this way.

I do not believe that the text in the Book of Genesis explaining our relations with animals entitles us to use animals in circus displays, in factory farming, for "sport" or even for experiments - especially experiments in the field of cosmetics, sweet or alcohol consumption.

I would like to see an end to all abuse of animals. I also feel very strongly that those who support the cause of animals should be taken seriously.

I do not approve of violence but nor do I approve of the public apathy.

Linda Delany

The Universe (30/11/84)

See: Cruelty to animals - 16 Nov 1984

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