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The Church

Your readers may be interested to know that there was a good response to a small notice placed in the July/August issue on the subject of meat eating and the Church.

Most of the correspondents were distressed by the general uncaring and hypocritical attitude shown towards animals by the Church and have turned away from Christianity because of its meat eating practices but are no happier with other religions on this subject. The whole tone of the letters from these honest and intelligent people was one of despair, as they cannot find that spiritual guidance which would reconcile with their vegetarian beliefs.

It would seem that a simple religion to unite vegetarians/vegans of different traditional beliefs who feel this need, does not exist. If this is not available to them, and with the rapid growth of vegetarianism, particularly among younger people, clearly the time has come to fill this void.

Mrs. P. Murray

The Vegetarian
November/December 1989

In 1990 the Custodians network was formed and existed as a general, non-secular vegetarian group of campaigners until 1997. An early advert for the new group appeared in the March/April 1990 edition of The Vegetarian:

The Custodians

A number of vegetarians in the UK, being deeply concerned by the meat eating practices and general uncaring attitude towards animals of some leading religious denominations, have chosen to accept vegetarianism as a simple faith.

They feel that their belief in Almighty God, the Creator, together with the high principles and all aspects of vegetarianism, embody those spiritual and moral values, inspired by Love and Compassion, which will truly guide them throughout life.

Although a small and unofficial group, they have chosen to call themselves 'Custodians', and invite all interested to join them.

If you wish your name to be added to the Custodians register for exchanging views, please contact: P. Murray, Kent Place, Lechlade, Glos., GL7 3AW.

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