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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Vegetarians and Beef

Sir, - At last one of the hierarchy has spoken out about the ethics of meat-eating. I refer to Hugh Montefiore's article (25th May). For nearly 17 years I have been working for the recognition of vegetarianism as a way of life to be aspired to by Christians and which I believe should be practised by all who attain inner consecration, laity or clergy, as well as all bishops. Like Hugh Montefiore I hope the result of Mad Cow disease will be the phasing out of beef production. I also hope that Christians and all other people of good will, when they cease to eat beef from the point of view of their own welfare, will come to understand that cattle and other "food" animals are creatures in their own right that can feel pain and know fear, and are not on this earth to provide them with food or indulge their lusts, when nature provides so much else which is natural and healthy to maintain their bodies. The time is ripe for farmers to turn their attention to producing such foods, e.g. pulses and nuts, in this country, to replace flesh foods.

Church Times
8 June, 1990

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