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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Christians and the environment

Dear Editor,

In June 1988 the Church and Society Consultation of the World Council of Churches produced a report entitled 'Liberation of Life' which dealt with the Christian attitude to human and environmental matters and the exploitation of animals in the name of food, cosmetic and household goods, and entertainment.

It appears that very few ministers are aware of the report which is a big step towards relating those matters to Christian faith and life.

The report urges Christians to stop turning blind eyes to the cruel ways in which animals are exploited and to make their lives 'a living expression of justice to God's creation'.

For the sake of humans and the environment, and even for the sake of the image of the Christian Church in the outside world, I appeal to ministers to obtain a copy of the report and make its contents known to their congregations by preaching or referring to it in their newsletters. It is available from...

Christian Herald
1 September 1990

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