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From The Bishop of Gloucester - 5 Oct 1990

"1. It is not really for us to question or judge the Creation as we find it. It is undoubtedly true that killing other animals for food is practised by a considerable part of the animal creation. If God did not intend this to happen in the first place he has certainly not been very succesful in eradicating it. That sounds irreverent, but only illustrates, as I say, that we are in no position to question the rights and wrongs of the Creation though we know that it has been damaged in a million ways by evil of many kinds.

"2. I have read as carefully as I can the leaflet you enclosed, but cannot find in the quoted words by Pope John Paul ll that he actually said that animals have souls. He is quoted as having said so by Mons. Canciani, but that is not the same thing. In any case my answer would be that I do not know whether animals have souls; in fact the concept of 'soul' is not a directly biblical concept at all. I have no difficulty in affirming that God loves the animals and expects us to treat them with respect and without cruelty."

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